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About Dicko King

Dicko King was born at Carney Hospital in South Boston; was raised in St. Margaret’s parish in Dorchester during the last of the grand and mythical eras presided over by tribes of feral children — when adventures could be had beyond the watchful eyes of a mother or father, and despite any strictures and wounds inflicted by priest or nun.

He is the son of Mary Alice McCarthy whose people are from Cork and Tipperary. His father is Richard King out of County Mayo and Galway and descended from the legendary physician, Foranan O’Fergus, who slew the Fiend of the Lake. Before returning to Southie at the age of twelve, Dicko relinquished sovereignty over a small band of wild boys whose townland was Edison Green with its imposing and venerated druidic god of an elm tree - the ‘Greenie Tree’. That January, near the barren elm, he presided, for the last time, over the winter ritual of the yule tree bonfire — a magnificent conflagration — a pyramid of flame and pungent smoke rising above the sacred ground of the Green into the Twelfth Night’s sky.

His poems have appeared out of nowhere, some of which have also appeared in Prime Number, Cactus Heart, Portland Review and Straylight.

He is a finalist for The Louise Bogan Award.

He lives with his wife, Treva, in Phoenix.

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